Auckland is good place to live.

How Auckland is.

Auckland is good place to live. I have been living here almost four months. At the first moment I came here in Auckland I thought it’s not a big city as the biggest city in a country. Because I had lived in Melbourne in Australia for three months and I felt Melbourne is such a nice and beautiful city I’ve ever been to. So I compared Auckland and Melbourne, I thought Melbourne is bigger and better than Auckland. But now I feel Auckland is quite nice. I went a few places here in Auckland. And every single place is incredibly beautiful. Auckland has a lot of breathtaking places.

Where I went

auckland good place live

I went Waiheke island, there are lots of nice vineyards and I tasted wines they made. That was the most delicious wine I’ve ever drunk. And the view of the island is amazingly beautiful there is an absolutely breathtaking place. And then I went to Waitomo Caves to see glowworms. Actually I don’t like insects but that was great and it worth going to see them.


I also went to Auckland zoo, there is the biggest zoo in the city and there are lots of foreign animals in the zoo. For instance, South America, South Africa, Australia and of course New Zealand. I like lions because they are king of animals. They’re not strongest but king. They’re not fastest but king. 

Here in Auckland has a lot of beautiful nature and places to go. I am sure you will never get bored if you are a person who loves nature. Now I feel that Auckland is good place to live. And I’m getting used to living here. I hope this article helps your journey of Auckland and makes your trip more fun. I also recommend living in Melbourne because I had lived in Melbourne for three months. Lived in Melbourne is one of my most important experiences I’ve ever had. And there’s cafes are incredibly amazing. Here is 19 best cafes in Melbourne and 10 best places you have to go in Melbourne. Please check it out.



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