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Cambly is good way to learn about English.

cambly good way learn english

Cambly is good way to learn about English.

I think that Cambly is good way to learn about English. I have currently started to use Cambly that is an online English lesson for preparing IELTS exam.

I’m thinking of taking the exam somewhere in August. And I also think that I need to help to get the score that I want so I decided to take an online English lesson. My weak point is speaking and IELTS has a speaking section that I need to speak for 4 minutes. It’s a bit hard for me. I don’t even speak my mother tongue for four minutes.

Why I chose Cambly.

I need some help to make my sentences longer and grammatically correct. There are lots of teacher who have some knowledge about IELTS exam. That’s the one of reasons I chose Cambly to improve my English speaking skill.

I have had two lessons already. I took the lessons last Thursday and yesterday. Both of them are better than I expected and teachers spoke clearly that made me understand easily what they said.  Why I thought it was better than I expected that I compared Cambly to another online English lesson that I had been taking till I went to Melbourne to learn about English. Here’s my experience about the city.

That another lesson is run by Japanese company and there are lots of teachers who are native English speakers and non native English speakers.

Why Cambly is better than others.

What I think of better point of Cambly is that has only native English speakers and lots of them have some experience about teaching English at a language school. Despite fo they only have native English speakers, Cambly is cheaper than Japanese one. So that’s why I thought Cambly is really good to learn about English. The advantages of being taught by native speakers is that I can learn about the words that native people usually use and how they speak naturally. And if I said something that is grammatically correct but sounds like a bit wired. The native teachers make my word right. It improves my speaking skill well. So I’m happy to take a lesson in Cambly and I will use the site until my exam ends. 

Why I want to get the IELTS band is here.

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