Don’t translate English into your language

  Don’t translate English into your own language

I think it’s important to learning English is don’t translate English into your language.

If you translate English into your native language that’s why you can’t become speaking fluently.

In my experience, I learned English for many years but I can’t speak fluently.

Because I always translate English into my native language that’s why I’m still intermediate level English learner.

I thought that I should have learned English in English.

If I learned not to translate English into my native language, I could’ve achieved upper intermediate level.

Now I learn English in English everyday, don’t translate anything.

I realized that how I learn faster than I did.

I should’ve done that way before. I really recommend you not to translate.

I’m getting used to English but I have a problem to speak.

This is useful to solve your problem

Sometimes I can’t put what I thought into English words that is my huge problem.

I have to solve this problem and improve my speaking skill because I’m going to New Zealand after Australia on working holiday visa.

I want to find a job there. I think English is necessary for that.

I have job experiences in Japan as a mechanic. I want to learn how to import second hand cars to New Zealand from Japan. I’m interested in about it. That’s why I really want to become speaking fluently.

The school is good where I go. I can improve my English and achieve my aim.

I think study abroad is good way to see world and be able to wide your opinions.

I met a lot of people from foreign countries.

I hadn’t never make friends who are from foreign companies. Now I have.

I would like to make a memory with them. They are really good people.

I expect that My English journey is going to fun and have a lot of opportunities for meeting people.








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