How I learn about English to get fluency.

How I learn about English. When I started to learn about English I did not know where should I start to learn about English that means grammar, reading, vocabulary and listening etc. Now I have been learning about English for three years seriously. I think that the most important skill is listening skill because if you cannot understand what people say, you will never get speaking fluently. Look babies, they observe a language from listening for first a few years and then they become to be able to speak day by day. That’s how we should learn about languages but we don’t. Because the people who are mature are smarter than babies and they use their brain.

Use English / English dictionary.

So most of adults study grammar instead of learning from listening. In addition, they translate English into their mother tongue to understand. It is too bad because you shouldn’t relate English and your own language. You should relate English and your imagine. And I recommend using English / English dictionary that describes over 100,000 words in 3,000 words. This way to increase your vocabulary is fabulous. You only have to know 3,000 essential words then you can achieve nearly 100,000. That’s amazing. 

how i learn about english

I also recommend learning about how to pronounce English words. Learning pronunciation is to improve your listening skill as well. Because once you can pronounce a word correctly you can hear the word properly. It is from my experience. My listening skill improved when I learnt about pronunciation.  I definitely recommend this way to improve your listening skill. And when you get listening more, you can speak more correctly. And if you can speak correctly, you will have a confidence as speaking second language. 

Read aloud

I also recommend reading books that increase your vocabulary and grammar. This is exactly how I learn about English. You can learn how to put words correctly and how people use the words. I think learning grammar is really important because knowing grammar is very useful when you had a mistake in speaking. If you have enough knowledge of grammar, you can fix your mistakes by yourself. And then you can speak properly next time. Some people say that grammar is not important when you speak because you can’t think about grammar while speaking.

I disagree with this opinion because speaking without grammar is that playing sports without having a knowledge of rules. For instance, you can play baseball without rules, you can hit the ball, run and throw the ball but you can’t play games without rules. I thought English is like sports. My english teacher told me that you have to train your muscle memory. What muscle memory is that you can do something without thinking. If you won’t train your muscle memory about English, you will never get fluency. Learning about english is quite difficult but once you get fluency, you are able to talk with most of people in the world. It’s insane. That’s why I still study English. I hope this article helps your learning about English. 







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