How to use present simple and continuous

How to use present simple and continuous

How to use present simple and continuous

How to use present simple and continuous that is basic knowledge of grammar of English. I’m gonna explain you how to use and what’s the difference between these two. Let’s get started.

Present simple is used for things that are always true or happen regularly. If you say, I play football. That means you play football regularly, might be once or twice a week. So you can use present simple to express what you always do and what your habits are. 

If You say “ I eat bread every morning. “  that is one of your habit. In this case you can’t use present continuous because continuous focus on the time that is around now. If you say, I’m eating bread. That means you’re eating now and it hasn’t ended yet. 

People often use adverbs of frequency to express how often things are happen. 

What adverbs of frequency are always, usually, everyday, often, regularly, never, etc.

When people use adverbs of frequency that should go before the main verb and after be. 

For example, I usually go to work at 7am. I’m never late for work. 

You can’t say 


“ I go usually to work at 7am and I never am late for work.” 


Present continuous 

Present continuous is used for actions in progress at the time of speaking it is also used for future arrangements. If I say I’m making the lunch that means making the lunch now but I can also say I’m making the lunch tomorrow. That means future arrangement.

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Verbs which describe actions, for example make, cook etc. They can be used in the present simple or continuous. So, you can say “ I’m cooking now” that means at the moment. If you say “ I usually cook. “ that means that you do the thing regularly. 


Non – action verbs

Verbs which describe states or feelings, for example like, love ,hate, need that they are called non – action verbs. They are not usually used in present continuous, even you use them that mean now. People don’t usually say “ I’m loving you “ people say “ I love you “ instead. 


Some verbs can be used in the present simple and continuous but meanings are completely different and they can be both action and non – action. for example think and have. 

Let’s compare these two sentences. 


“ I’m having the lunch with my friends tomorrow. “ 

“ I have lunch with my friends. “


The first sentence means the future that you are planning to. The second one means you always have lunch with your friend. That happens regularly.

this is how to use present simple and continuous so far.


I hope this article helps you learn about English. And I am still learning about English so if you found anything that is misunderstanding please let me know to fix the problem. I also recommend reading another one that helps your learning. 

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