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I found the benefits of reading books to improve my English.

benefits of reading books.

Benefits of reading books.

 I found the benefits of reading books to improve my English. I have been reading series of Harry Potter recently and it improves my English especially increasing vocabularies. When I encounter new vocabularies, I always look for them in an English/English dictionary. I definitely recommend using an English/English dictionary not using a your mother tongue’s dictionary.

Why I recommend using an English/English dictionary.

Because using an English/English dictionary makes you have to think the words you look for in English. It accelerates your study. That’s one of the great benefits using English/English dictionary but I don’t recommend using it beginners. If you are a beginner you can’t understand what is written in the dictionary. It’s wasting time. The beginners have to look for words that they don’t know in their languages dictionaries. When they had come a point that they understand essential english words, they can use English/English dictionary efficiently I reckon. 

The benefits of reading Harry Potter series are that I encounter same words many times. It is really good point of increasing vocabularies. I can’t memorise words at once but if I encounter the words several times that I’ve already met. I can remember them easily. That’s the one of the best reasons of reading same series of books.

Why I chose Harry Potter series.

Harry potter series are books for children though that perfectly suit me because I’m an upper intermediate level learner so Harry Potter series are not too difficult to me but not too easy. I can understand them over eighty percent I think.

What is the most difficult point of reading them is phrasal verbs. I always get confused when I encounter phrasal verbs because they don’t have a meaning in one word. They have to be used in two words together. It’s really tricky and even though I know some phrasal verbs, sometime I get wrong with the meaning cause of not realising they are phrasal verbs. They are tricky but I’m getting used to them day by day. I’m keen on learning about English to achieve my goal. My goal motivates me to get there. 

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