Living in Auckland so far

Living in Auckland so far

Living in Auckland so far

I have been living here in Auckland for over 5 months. Today I’m gonna tell you guys how I feel living in Auckland so far.I had lived in Melbourne before came here. And I felt Melbourne was amazing there was everything I need and were funny people. When I came to Auckland I felt that the CBD was very small compared to Melbourne. And there were less shops than that Melbourne has. I surprised that  doesn’t even have UNIQLO. I expected UNIQLO was in Auckland though there wasn’t. Even though there were not fancy shops.

Here in Auckland is perfect place to live if you are not into buying clothes several brands. New Zealand has lots of natural skin care products and they are incredibly good. And there are loads of organic food if you are into eating healthy food and care about your skin here is good place to live. I highly recommend living here.

In addition climate is good through a year I think. Winter is not too cold and summer is not too hot. I have lived in Japan almost my whole life but Auckland’s climate through a year is better than Japan. Of cause south island of New Zealand is colder than north island. People said to me that south island’s nature is amazingly beautiful and you should go there someday.

Thank you for the advice but I’m not into nature anyway, I like living in city and like meeting new people who have different cultures. Actuary I wasn’t interested in other people’s culture but I had been living in Melbourne for three month to study English I met lots of people who came from different countries. At that moment I had learnt about different cultures and I thought that was good to know the people who are from other countries. Now I’m curious about it. 

I recommend reading this article and here is where I highly recommend going in Auckland.







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