My English journey 2

Today is the second day and third day of my  English journey.

The second day is yesterday.

I have a some orientation about the school where I go.

My class is a intermediate level and class is began.

I did very well than I expected.

I learned about grammar,vocabulary and pronunciation.

My classmates are from many different country for example Columbia,South Corea,Thailand and Japan.

It was the my first time to make foreign friends.

I wanna make a lot of foreign friends.

I thought how can I make a lot of friends.

I have an idea.

I’m gonna call their name and say “Hello”.

I guess I have to get closer.

I’ll try it.

The Second day I have to wash my clothes by my hands.

My host wash clothes once a week.

She said that “If you want to wash your clothes everyday, you have to wash your clothes by yourself. Don’t use a washing machine because it’s wasting a water. You shouldn’t waste any of energy. “

That’s the reason why I have to wash my clothes by my hands.

I’m enjoying my situation.

This is my journey.

Then today is the third day of my English journey.

I got up early at 5:30AM and I make my breakfast by myself.

I went to the school and I received my student card.

My tutor is such a nice person.

He works hard to make us enjoyable and teach us simply.

We can understand well because of his work.

We are lucky.

I should study English hard.

I wanna speak English fluently.






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