My English journey 4

Three weeks later my English skills are getting better day by day.

Especially reading skill is much better than first day but listening skill isn’t getting better.

Sometimes I couldn’t understand what classmates said, especially Colombian people’s pronunciation is hard to listen for me.

I wish I’m going to get used to it.

Today I learned about Passive sentences.

For example I learn English is active voice.

English is learned a lot of people is passive voice.

I’m going to use passive sentences to write this daily.

Let’s get started.

Today’s classes were very good.

I was taught a lot of English grammar by my teacher.The new English grammars were learned by my classmates.

I think that English is spoken all over the world.

English has been learned by me for three years but I’m not good at English.

Even though I like English.

I’m eager to learn and want to be  speaking English fluently.

My classmates were exited the class.

They are being taught by native English teacher for a few months.

They can speak English more frequently than I do.

I want to reach their level and overtake them.

I was taught a few vocabularies and I’m given homework by teacher.

I did it soon when I got home.

I got 100% score yesterday. I want to get that again next test.

I’m preparing for next test and I’m ready to get 100% score again.

I’m a intermediate level now, I hope to get better day by day.







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