My English journey 5

   I have a day off because Today is a holiday.

I studied English a lot in spite of holiday that are grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing now.

I’m eager to learn English. I studied about conditional grammars that are for example “If I were you I would go there.” “If I study hard,I will pass next exam.” etc

I was a little bit confused these grammars. That’s why I am still intermediate level.

Then I studied to increase vocabulary on YouTube that is very useful to study English.

I often watch English lessons on YouTube and I listen to what they say and repeat after them.

It’s my way of studying.

I watched Essential English Words 4000 that is used to increase vocabulary all over the world that I think.

English is being become a better common language all over the world.

That’s why I decided to study English and want to speak fluently to make friends all over the world.

I met a lot of people here and they are very nice. I thought it’s good to come here bottom of my heart.

I was told that you can’t use dry machine when weather is good by my host.  

I thought it makes sense it was my fault.

She teach me everything what I need to live. She reminds me my grandmother who passed away when I was high school student.

Then I watched TV with her and talked about this and that to improve my speaking skill. That is one of the best way to become speaking fluently I think. Anyway that is true I’m absolutely enjoying my English journey.







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