New Zealand is amazing country.

New Zealand is amazing country.

New Zealand is amazing country.

I think New Zealand is amazing country. I can start work again next Tuesday because alert level is going to down to level three. It means that we can operate our business. There are still  some restriction that limit what kind of business can operate and even you can operate you have to follow some roles like wearing a mask while working. I think it’s a good role to recover New Zealand’s economy. 

Get back to normal life.

I reckon New Zealanders are really doing well. NZ has over 1000 confirmed cases though it is quite low compared other countries. And recover cases are almost eighty percent I guess. I hope New Zealand’s economy will recover soon as like before. Everybody gets bored this lockdown so we are ready to back normal. I think everybody wants to back their usual life. I am really looking forward to working again and I wanna see colleagues. 

I like my job and I have a future plan that nobody knows except me. I would like to have my own business and I have been learning that in my workplace. I’m keen on doing business. That might be what I like the most.

Anyway, I am glad to back to work again. I will study English as hard as I can till next Tuesday.

I’m an upper intermediate learner now, I Would like to achieve advanced level. What I’m not good at about English is speaking. Even though I can understand Harry Potter series I’m not able to speak fluently. I thought what I need the most is to speak to someone who speak English a lot. I have to speak more to get fluency. There are a few people who speak English at my workplace. They are always very nice to me and kind. I like to work with my mates and I can learn about mechanical things a lot from them.

Oh, there are already over 300 words. Thank you for reading my article. I had been to Melbourne last year and I utterly like the city. Here’s nice places to visit in Melbourne from my experiences. If you have a time to read, please check it out.



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