study english 4 hours a day.

Study English 4 hours a day.

Study English 4 hours a day.

 I usually study English 4 hours a day. Because New Zealand is alert level 4 that means lockdown now. So I haven’t been able to go anywhere except supermarkets to buy something to eat or drink.

I have plenty of time to do something making me better. That’s like studying English, reading books, learning about cooking etc. I decided to spend this lockdown to improve my English skills. Even I have plenty of time, I don’t study English all day long. I need some rest and refresh my mind so that I often go for a run around my neighbours once or twice a week. It is really necessary to fresh my mind.

How I spend my free time.

I spend time thinking about my future while running and I think I wanna stay New Zealand for a long. That’s the main reason I have been studying English for a few years. There’s a requirement to get resident visa. I have to get high IELTS’s band and some experience of my job. This challenge is not easy for me but I’m going to achieve my goal definitely. I will keep learning about English. 

My future plan.

I would like to have my own business in the future and want to get rich. These days nobody says “ I want to be rich. “ everybody spends their life safely. I think it’s good. There’s a lot of option how to spend a life. It’s definitely depends on a person. In my case, I want to challenge something that I am interested in. I am not afraid of failing. What I am afraid most is not challenging. If I don’t try anything I wanted, I will regret my life when I got old. I don’t want to be like that so I will challenge something that grows me a good person. 

I had been in Melbourne for three months last year. Here’s my experiences.



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