How to use present perfect and past simple

How to use present perfect and past simple. English grammar

 I’m gonna tell you guys, how to use present perfect and past simple. And what’s the difference between these two.

 Present perfect simple: have / has + past participle

Present perfect is used for past experiences, when I don’t say exactly when the experiences happened.

For example: 

“ I have known my best friend since I was a child. “

“ I have watched the movie twice. “


 Ever and never are often used when I ask or talk about past experiences. They go before the main verb. 

For example: 

A “ Have you ever been to Tokyo? “

B “ I have never been there. “


Present perfect is used for recent past actions, often with just. Just goes before the main verb.

For example: “ She has just left home to go to work. “


You can use “ already “ and “ yet “ for emphasis. Already is used in positive sentences and goes before the main verb.

for example: “ I have already done my homework. “


Yet is used in negative and question sentences. Yet goes the end of the sentence.

For example: “ Have you booked your flight yet? “ “ I haven’t watched the movie yet. “


How to use past simple 

You can use past simple for finished past actions and you know exactly when the things happened.

For example: “ My friend got married last year. “ “ I didn’t have  time to contact you last night. “


So, what’s the difference between these two and How to use present perfect and past simple is when I use present perfect, I’m talking about my past experiences and I don’t have to say when they happened. If I wanna say when they happened exactly I use past simple with time expression like yesterday , last week, last month etc.

Keep doing

I had confused when the first time I had learnt about present perfect  and past simple but now I’m getting used to them and I feel that I understood the grammar. What I want to tell you is don’t give up soon. You can understand eventually like me , even though the grammar seems difficult to understand. Please try to study hard. 

My english teacher told me a phrase that is “ the standards you set are the standards you get. “ it had moved my hart to study eagerly.

I hope this article helps you to improve your English skills. I also recommend reading how to use future forms.

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