My English journey.3

  I already have a week since I arrived here.

 That is very surprising to me.

I don’t know that my English skills were improved but I am feeling that I’m getting used to English day by day.

At first,I couldn’t come out my words from my mouth and sometimes I couldn’t hear what teachers said.

I had an interview with my teacher two days ago and we talked about my English skills.

He said “how’s class?” “What’s your problem?” I said “I’m happy with your class.” “My problem is to be not able to put my words  into English words but I’m getting used to speaking English and listening to what teacher said”.

Teacher said to me “You can go up to upper intermediate class after four or five weeks if studied hard.”

I thought I really want to go up to upper intermediate.

I decided to study hard and go up to upper intermediate class.

To be honest, I want to go up to Advanced class in three month.

that’s my goal in here.

I thought when I learn English,I have to use English only.

Don’t translate English into another language.

Because English is English, not anyone else.

If you translate English into your own language, that’s not English.

If you want to know what does word mean?

You should search in English.

That is the best way to learn English I think.

My classmates are really nice and teachers too.

My teachers are funny.

They are the most interesting teachers I’ve ever met.

Today I’m going to drink with my classmates.I’m looking forward to it.

I think my English skills are low level but I’ll be used to speaking English very well in three months.


                                                                                      Written by Intermediate level learner.







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