My English journey is fun.

My English journey is going to be fun.

I suppose My English journey is going to be fun.

I have no idea why it is going to be fun but I think so.

I got sick a few days ago but I’m recovering now.

I had sore throat a few days ago and I coughed a little.

My host recommended me to drink tea with lemon. I thought that was a good idea and I made a cup of tea with squeezed lemon.

I don’t know it worked for me but I’m getting well now.

It could work for me.

I stayed home and laid on bed all day to get recovering.

I had a test.

Last week I had a test and it’s difficult for me especially reading test.

I have to describe about my favorite movie.

I chose “Harry Potter” because I liked it when I was a child but I couldn’t explain well.

Let me explain about that again.

“Harry Potter” is my one of the favorite movies.

I watched it when I was a child.

It was released all over the world and went viral soon.

I thought it was real because I believed wizards when I was a kid.

It is written by who lives in London I don’t know her name.

I have a two reasons why I recommend this movie.

First, a lot of special effects are used in this movie.

That make me fun to watch.

It’s difficult to act with special effects because casts have to imagine how special effects working but casts had acted well through this movie.

I was impressed and it made me to want to be wizard.

Of course I’m not wizard now.

Second, it was shorted beautiful places.

I don’t know where but I really want to go there.

You can enjoy this movie with beautiful scene and good acting.

That places made good atmosphere and soundtrack made as well.

These reasons are why I recommend this movie.

If you had a kid you can be able to enjoy with your kid.

That is what I wrote in my reading test.I’m not sure all words are correct but almost correct.

I hope it will get good result and go up to next level class soon.








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