My English journey.

Today is the first day of my English journey.

I came here for learning English from Japan.

I met my homestay host who is a nice person.

I talked with her while we watched TV.

It was very good to learn English and improve my listening skills.

I had long fright yesterday about 13 hours and I was so tired but I walked around about four kilometers where I’m going to live.

I was afraid about my flight because I had to move my second flight quickly.

It was very short time to move between first one and second one.

I could succeed that and I was relieved.

Tomorrow is my first day of a school.

I’m looking forward to go there.

I’m going to explain how I improved my English through this study abroad.

I’m a person who is intermediate level.

I’m going to write my days this website.

You will see and understand how my English was improved.

Thank you for visiting my page see you soon.






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