Time is so fast

Time is so fast

I’m surprised about almost a month I have lived here, time is so fast.

I’m going to live here for two months.

I thought I don’t have a time to improve English, three months are too fast to learn languages.

Even so I got better than when I arrived here.

I really want to improve my speaking skill last two months.

I decided to not wasting my time because  I spent a lot of money for this study abroad.

In addition I’m going to New Zealand after here for looking for a job.

I think that If I had good English skills, I can get a job easily.

That’s why I have to improve my English skills.


Today I went to the school and studied about passive voice.

What is passive voice? That is grammar name and how to use is to write about things or when something is happened to me.

For example, I’m attacked by a dog. That means a dog attacked me.

Another example is Some buildings are being built in this city. That means someone is building buildings in this city.

Teacher told us 95% English sentences are active voice rest of 5% English sentences are passive voice. Passive voice is often used in articles or magazines something like that.

I wonder that I have grammar knowledges but I can’t speak well.

It’s a my huge problem but I can get become speaking fluently.

I’m looking forward to go to New Zealand and willing to enjoy rest of study abroad life.







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